Dajana Čolić Salihagić was born on May 17, 1996 in Sarajevo. After completing primary and secondary education, she enrolled in the Faculty of Architecture at the University of Sarajevo, where she gained the title of architectural engineer (B. Arch). Continuing her master’s studies at the University of Stuttgart, where she achieved significant results at the Institute for Strategic, Environmental, and Urban Planning. After completing her MA studies she continued to work on projects important for the local community and social impact, and urban development of the city. First work experience achieves in Stuttgart during her studies, and after returning to her hometown she continued to work in the private sector.

Dajana takes an active part in various international projects and workshops such as UGREEN – Sustainable Architecture Week, IUSD GAMP Berlin Module, ECODEMIA London – Ethical and Socio-Ecological Design, SUPERWIEN – Sarajevo Brownfield and Urban Regeneration, HARVARDx – The Past, Present, and Future of Urban Life, ScanLAB – Living Memorials, A10 European architecture Cooperative, etc… In the recent period, she received Award for the work of the Embassy of Italy for the ecological project of the development of the local community and many others.

Currently she is an associate of the Green Council, which brings together experts from various fields.