Amela Ivković O’Reilly, Nutritionist

Born on 28 April in 1977. in Sarajevo, where she completed medical school and began her medical study, spent two years in Graz, Austria and in Dublin, Ireland completed her studies in nutrition in order to find a holistic and integrative approach to human health where every patient is considered unique and individual. She is currently undergoing Master’s degree at Middlesex University in London.

She had worked with major experts in the field of nutrition, herbalism, osteopathy, reflexology, acupuncture and cognitive psychology. She had worked at clinics in Dublin, London and Gran Canaria where she still has her clients. In addition to working in private practice, she had recently worked on the corporate level on a project for a leading European company DM and created for them nutritional program, including their products from Alnatura range, and along with colleague Ermina Tahirovic, leading macrobiotic chef, worked closely with their clients in five different cities in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

As a member of the school Family Macrobiotics she regularly holds lectures on a variety of topics for local residents as well as for international community in English language. She is a regular guest on various TV and radio stations on wide range of topics in health and nutrition. She cooperated on the UNDP project in promotion of local, organic food. Amela is Member of Irish Association of Nutritional Therapist, Association of Nutritional Therapist of Great Britain and the Royal Medical Association of Great Britain.

Together with Green Council they are currently working on a project in educating school children about healthy living. She is working with Smart Food from Montenegro developing educational programs for children and adults, on various topics regarding healthy lifestyle and disease prevention.

Amela lives in Sarajevo with her husband Denis and son Liam. She enjoys being surrounded by wonderful friends and family who provided her with positive energy. She is the happiest when she helps someone discover their individualized path to health.