Balkan Earth Conference 2019

BALKAN EARTH conference is the first conference in this field, started as an initiative from Serbia, Bulgaria and Greece to bring together 12 neighborly countries to talk about our common earthen heritage, problems we are all facing in each country and potentials this heritage has in the terms of sustainable development of whole region. Experts from other parts of Europe and world are invited to talk about their experiences and challenges, vocational trainings they’re organizing, role of the women in this field etc. The conference would have two accompanying expositions: Earth architecture today (modern) and Balkan earth architecture (traditional) and a field trip. BE conference is meant for the representatives of 12 countries (around 30 people), but also for the heritage preservation institutions and their employees from Serbia and region, self-constructors, masons, craftspeople, students of architecture, conservation, civil engineering and sustainable development, etc. Official language of the conference is English.

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