Green Council

Green Council

John Bedingfield

He was a special man who awakened a passion in us to do and make positive changes in our country. He believed that Bosnia and Herzegovina has great potential, and the greatest potential is within it’s PEOPLE.

Changes ahead of us are as big as an elephant. How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time!

These are John’s words that we will always remember after every bite that we manage to eat!

Dear John, thank you for being with us, you encourage us to come together and try. As you always believed, now we strongly believe in us.

We will continue where you started: honest, transparent, cleverly and wisely.

The Organization was founded with the desire to join a big, smart and skilled people and to design projects together that can bring benefits to all and that can make a positive change both in our country and in the region.

Bosnia and Herzegovina is a small and young developing countries that is facing major changes and adjustments. Wealth in its people, natural resources and the fact that it is developing is great advantage that we can use all together.

Clean technologies should be our guiding principle in developing. Each project should be and must be a component of sustainable development and environmental protection to help our new generations that come after us.

Our team