Green economy in BiH – possibilities and chances

Green Fair and accompanying lectures/debates/workshops

“Green economy in BiH – possibilities and chances”

September 27th 2018

Dom kulture/Culture center, Konjic

2nd Green Fair with accompanying lectures/debates/workshops organized by Heinrich Böll Foundation and College for Tourism and Management Konjic will take place September 27, 2018 in Konjic. This event will expand upon its roots put down last year in Visoko that gathered the representatives of local community, international and domestic organizations, experts and practitioners of the green economy to launch discussion and exchange of knowledge and experience in the field of development and improvement of green economy and green jobs in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The project team of Green Fair expects around 50 exhibitors from different branches of green economy to attend this year event in Konjic. The accompanying lectures/debates/workshops will explore the latest developments in the field of green economy and environmental protection in BiH, and the potential for expansion. We will take a deep dive into the fields of organic agriculture, eco and rural tourism, and energy efficiency and renewable energy sources. Those are the areas where a large number of citizens are taking the initiative and successfully securing jobs without waiting for the adoption of appropriate policies by the
relevant authorities. Some of those pioneers will be with us to contribute to an active discussion and exchange of knowledge and experience in the field of development and improvement of green economy and green jobs in BiH and create a forum for sharing experiences and helping the participants in the green economy to network and create cooperation.

Environmental protection is good for the economy and creates jobs, according to decades of different countries’ experiences. The economy greening refers to the increasing use of practices and technologies that ensure sustainable provision of ecosystem services, reduce negative externalities and rebuild natural capital. Greening of Bosnian economy is not only an opportunity for fostering green jobs but also a further step in the process of alignment with the acquis of the European Union in economy and environment fields.

Fostering economy greening in BiH implies increasing and better targeting financing, improving governance and coordination as well as bridging information and knowledge gap which is the main focus of this event.

The event will also feature many local traditional food vendors, children’s corner and more.

To get involved with this initiative and/or participate in free workshops/lectures/debates, contact Jasminka Bjelavac,, 033 260 450.