Guest lecture from Architect Nikolay Belousov

This month we have the honor to host Nikolay Belousov, a Russian based architect. Please join us on 22nd October 2018 for a guest lecture on the topic WONDER WOOD.

Nikolay Belousov was born 1954 in Moscow. Graduated 1980 from Moscow Architectural Institute, Department of Residential and Public Buildings. Works as partner at “Belousov architects” and owner  of “Project OBLO”, factory for the production of wooden objects, the town of Galich, Kostroma region.

His field of interest is wood  and its usage in architecture. To create his objects architect Nikolai Belousov choose the traditional and most Russian of all technologies – a log house. In his work, paradoxically, and not contradicting each other, ancient receptions and modernist form-building are combined.Based on the archaic log, they create modern spaces and volumes, each of which contains its own finds and insights.

Please do attend.  The details are:

Guest lecturer: architect Nikolay Belousov


Date/time: Monday, 22. October 2018, at 17:30

Place: Motiv Room 

The lecture –WONDER WOOD  is an insight into the projects and experience working with wood of architect Nikolay Belousov.