Isa Zuhrić is a student and activist from Sarajevo, where he attended primary and secondary school. At the end of the second year of high school, he received a scholarship and went to Durham, Great Britain, where he completed his high school education. Upon return to Sarajevo, he enrolled to chemistry at the Faculty of Science and Mathematics of the University of Sarajevo.

He had his first contact with activism in 2018 through the European Youth Parliament, and numerous round tables, conferences and workshops for young people. During his time in Durham, he has dedicated himself to the mental health of young people, which has been significantly damaged during the pandemic. He chaired the youth mental health council through which he implemented numerous activities to care for the mental health of students. He received a wellbeing award for his efforts. After returning to Sarajevo, he developed an interest in youth empowerment and participated in the organization of numerous conferences and workshops for young people that gathered hundreds of participants. Later, he was hired as a project assistant for the “Humanity in Action” foundation in Bosnia and Herzegovina, later going to Copenhagen as a Fellow of the foundation. After a month of intensive workshops on the climate crisis, democracy and human rights, he implements his project “Sustainable living practices”, which presents a report on the footprint of everyday life on the environment and 14 guidelines for how to reduce it. After the implementation of his project, he was engaged as a UN Volunteer for UNDP in Bosnia and Herzegovina, and worked with the Federal Ministry of Labor and Social Policy on the implementation of the “Digitalization of the Public Sector in BiH” project. After completing his engagement with the UN, he joined the Green Council.

He was appointed to the Board of the BH Association for the UN, together with his colleagues he founded the Scientific Society “Vladimir Prelog” where he serves as secretary for chemistry, and later he and his friends started the Global Shapers Hub in Sarajevo.

In December 2023, he was awarded the “Hero of the Generation” award in the field of education and science.