Lamija Subašić

After finishing the First gymnasium in Zenica, she enrolled in the Faculty of Philosophy of the University of Sarajevo and graduated in 2007 from the Department of Literature of the Peoples of Bosnia and Herzegovina and Bosnian/Croatia/Serbian Language. At the same Faculty, she also enrolled and attended her second study at the Department of English Language and Literature. The two-year postgraduate study she finished at the Faculty of Political Sciences of the University of Sarajevo (field: Diplomacy and IR).

While she was a student, within the NDI’s program, she did a one-year internship with the Parliament of Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina (the internship related to the Parliament’s both Houses).

After graduation, she first worked as a high school teacher, than as a coordinator with the Office of international cooperation of the University of Zenica, and after it, as an associate of the Entrepreneurship and Innovation Centre (EIC) of the same University. In the course of past several years, her work engagements related to many different tasks, encompassing both academic and administrative ones: managing projects, translating texts from English to B/H/S and vice verse; organizing various events (as conferences, alumni days, open door days, etc.). The work for EIC led to practical experiences on making connections between the academic community and business environment both on local and regional level. It also asked for a constant effort on improving students’ entrepreneurship. Also, she participated in several Tempus projects and cherishes it as a great experience.

Regarding non-formal education, among many other courses, she finished in 2017 an advanced program on “Leadership and Professional Skills Development for Development of SME Sector in BiH”, organized by Bern University of Applied Sciences. Currently, she attends the last semester of the two-year CCNA program of the Cisco Academy.

She co-authored on several scientific papers.