Message from Tanya Fayon for conference on agriculture and rural development


Agriculture And Rural Development In The Function Of Sustainable Development & Energy Efficiency In Buildingsas A Basis For Achieving Sustainable Socio-Economic Growth In Bosnia And Herzegovina

Dear participants, dear organizers,

As I am unable to be present at this conference on agriculture and rural development in the function of sustainable development of Bosnia and Herzegovina, let me share with you my message of support to this important aspect of BiH’s future development.

I have been closely cooperating with the Green Council in the past years, trying to help them in their endeavours to convince the public and stakeholders that a common, state level, agricultural policy is of utmost importance for BiH. From what I saw in BiH, during my numerous stays in Sarajevo, Mostar, Banja Luka, Tuzla and Srebrenica, it has an enormous potential when it comes to agriculture, rural development, food management, ecotourism and agritourism. It would be a great loss if this potential remains unrealized due to the lack of a unified voice and common regulations in agricultural policy. Agricultural policy is one of the cornerstones and also one of the oldest policies of the European Union and we in the European Parliament have been emphasizing the importance of the common agricultural policy in BiH in Resolutions on the Commission’s progress reports on BiH.

Even though – unfortunately – not much has changed in this field in the last couple of years, I still see some positive developments. Recently adopted coordination mechanism paves the way for a common agricultural policy, whereas last week’s decision of the Council to instruct the Commission to send a questionnaire on the BiH’s application brings hope that progress will be made in the right direction.

However, – and this is the most important message I want to pass – progress in the area of agriculture and rural development is needed in BiH not because the European Commission or the European Parliament or Brussels wants so, but because this is necessary for the sustainable development of BiH. The people of BiH deserve this, no matter what part of BiH they come from or what religion they follow. The potential in agriculture and rural development unifies BiH and it would be regrettable to leave it unleashed.

My support in this direction remains available, in my capacity as a Member of the European Parliament and a friend of Bosnia and Herzegovina and its people, and I am looking forward to the conclusions of your conference.

I wish you many fruitful debates!

Tanya Fayon