MyCity App will enable citizens to file reports on pollution, corruption and other communal problems and offences to responsible municipal authorities, utility companies and police all in one place by using personal mobile smart phone. The App will allow citizens not only to send text messages but to also make and send photos, videos, GPS locations and timestamps.

Responsible municipal and cantonal institutions will receive reports directly through MyCity App and will also be able to submit a feedback about the status of filed reports. Citizens will have a choice to file reports with full name and contact details or anonymously. Each user will have an overview of their filed reports and their status. Furthermore, users will also be able to see a map with all filed utility and environmental reports in that year and their status (resolved/unresolved). 

By using MyCity App citizens will be able to report to the responsible authorities the following: •       Corruption •       Hazardous waste •       Improper disposal of garbage and waste •       Overfilled garbage containers •       Pollution of the river •       Black smoke from chimneys •       Black smoke from cars •       Disposing garbage from a car •       Neglected public areas and greenery •       Dangerous icicles •       Dangerous damaged facades

In addition to the listed categories, citizens will also have the option of to enter a type of report themselves. Institutions and utility companies that will receive reports and complaints through this application include: •       Police •       Inspection bodies in charge of environmental protection •       Communal utility companies MyCity App will be available to all citizens through the Play Store for Android and Apple Store for IOS operating systems. The application will also provide various statistical data analysis and reviews.

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