ArchiKID Air project is implemented by the Green Council Association in cooperation with Henrich Boll Foundation in the area of Canton Sarajevo and it is about the workshops for students of elementary schools in the area of air pollution and protection.

Situation in Sarajevo in regards to air pollution is very alarming, especially in the winter months. Concentrations of PM10 particles, NO2, tar and even SO2 are often times above the litmiting values as prescribed by the EU Standards. Reasons are many and they can be divided in the problems in industry, residential sector and transportation.

Clean air is necessary for the health of children and their development. It is crucial to teach our children that the space that they live in and work as well as air that they breath are the most important for their health, happiness, productivity and creativeness. They have the right to demand clean air. By educating and building consciousness about these topics, our children will grow into self-assured, secure, educated persons who know that they have the responsibility and power to change the space that they live in to better.

These are the reasons why it is important to systematically educated children of Bosnia and Herzegovina about the importance of environmental and air protection, as well as possibilities and advantages our country possesses in order for us to live healthy and in harmony with planet Earth. In ten years from now, our children will be grown-ups who will know how to make appropriate decisions for themselves, their city, planet Earth if we offer them correct information of good quality. Additionally, youth can positively influence on their parents. Maybe parents will listen to their children and start changing life habits immediately in order to protect the air we breathe.

Major goals of this project are education of students in elementary schools about air pollution, and more importantly its protection and improvement of air quality in classrooms by installation of green walls.

Precisely, project consists of ten workshops with students age 1st to 4thgrade in three elementary schools in Canton Sarajevo and installation of green walls (wall made of plants that are proofed to clean air) in their classrooms. Three elementary schools where we work are: Musa Ćazim Čatić, Silvije Strahimir Kranjčević and International Deutsche Schule.