Green Council will in mid 2014 implement two mini projects funded by PILPG (Public International Law and Policy Group). In order to continue its activities in support of constitutional reform in the sector of agriculture and rural development, a team of Green Council will make a cost benefitanalysis of the formation of the State Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, which would serve as aditional argument to support fundamental reforms of the sector. This analysis is to investigate and analyze the cost of the current fragmented structure in BiH which recorded inefficiency and delay with the recommended structures that need to take a very significant and cumbersome legal system taken from the EU, which provides non-refundable funds and investments in the sector..

In addition to the Cost Benefit Analysis, Green Council will continue to work to strengthen cooperation between business and civil sector as an advocacy force, through analysis of stakeholders and their activities or the development of additional promotion and research materials, which will build on existing and new materials such as research of Green Council, materials of Alliance for rural Development BiH, public opinion research of PILPG and other publications of partner organizations. In addition to the written material Green Council will work with partner organizations to bring together all interested parties in Bosnia and Herzegovina, during two seminars, in order to verify the proposed reforms and gained even greater support in the work. Final Conference, to be held in June, will bring together key representatives of the stakeholders to jointly support the required reforms in this important sector in BiH.

Download info sheet here Info Sheet