“Summer School” invitation


In organization of International BURCH University (IBU) and Association Green Council the construction of the Student Pavilion is planned to take part from 09th to 22nd September 2016, as a temporary experimental and educational facility on the campus of the IBU. This will be the first building in Bosnia and Herzegovina constructed of alternative building materials (straw, recycled wood, stone, clay, recycled building elements) through the joint work of experts, professors and students.

“Summer School” is a two-week program which aims to build the Student Pavilion. Students will be actively involved in different activities in order to understand, practiced, experimented, built and acquire the skills that could be used in future professional life.

Practical approach is something what is often lacking in formal education and that is why such interdisciplinary and international companionship would help students and all others to successfully solve challenges and problems of energy efficiency and sustainable housing.

This project explores the use of alternative and traditional natural materials in order to set an example and to educate students. Experts such as carpenters, masons and professors will be available to students in problem solving and understanding the characteristics and needs of the material. They will also meet students with traditional methods, equipment, tools and alternative / innovative environmentally friendly construction solutions.

The project involves students of IBU of the Departments of Architecture, Information technology, Genetics, International relations and Economics, as well as students of Faculties of Forestry, Agriculture and Food, Mechanical Engineering and also the Faculty of Sciences, University of Sarajevo, than Faculty of Civil Engendering at University of Banja Luka and Mostar. Students all around the world have the possibility to participate in the summer school and we hope that you will join us.

The project is supported by the Universities of Zagreb, Ljubljana, Novi Sad, Vienna, Brno, Prague, Riga, many associations as CHWB, CRS, Kult, companies Sarajevo šume, Neimari, Krivaja, Domoinvest, Butmir and many others.

More information about the project, visit the website http://studentpavilion.com/ and if you are interested in participating in the summer school apply on http://studentpavilion.com/application-form/ or if you have any questions please contact us via e-mail at info@studentpavilion.com.

We are waiting for you

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