Winning Ideas – covIDEJA2020

We are happy to inform you that the evaluation of the ideas received under the covIDEJA 2020 initiated by UNDP and BIT Alliance and supported by all of you has been finalised and the expert jury has selected 6 top winning ideas out of a total of 109 submitted ideas.

We take this opportunity to thank all partners that designated representatives in the honorable jury.

Before presenting the highlights of top six ideas, it is important to note that the platform gained a lot of interest from the public (more than 175,000 page views, 75,000 visits on the web platform and 46,300 votes for best ideas) and generated 109 innovative ideas to fight the COVID-19 crisis. A lot of young energy in the call – the average age is 25 years!

You can review all ideas here: (submissions are in the languages of peoples in Bosnia and Herzegovina). Please let us know your reflections on the process and the ideas.

Please reach out to Marina Dimova from UNDP and the Accelerator Lab in case you would be interested to support (financially, mentorship, or otherwise) some of the ideas you find exciting – from the 6 top ones or other ideas from the total pool submitted. UNDP will be happy to facilitate interaction with applicants and mobilize support for the realization of as many good ideas as possible! We will also continue to promote the ideas in the media to encourage their support.

The winning ideas are as follows:

Category: “Act now!”

Category “Re-Imagine the Future”

Thank you once again for standing behind this initiative,