Workshop at BURCH: Solving Details on Building of the Bio-Based Student Pavilion

Burch University and Green Building Council organized a workshop during period of 6 and 7 February 2017, with theme: “Solving details on building of the bio-based student pavilion in Sarajevo“.

Contruction of bio-based student pavilion began during the 2016 summer school at the International Burch University, and it is entirely made of made of wood, straw, and natural plaster.

The objective of this workshop was to acquire new knowledge and establish and develop all other necessary details needed for building of this facility so its construction could be continued during the summer school in 2017.

Workshops were presented by guest lecturer, Mr. Slobodan Habjanić from the Green Building Council of Slovenia.

Some  of the topics of the workshop were:

  • presentation on the mechanism of low leakage and which substantial difference can exist between theory and practice
  • Architectural details on bio-based Student Pavilion
  • The functionality of “almost zero“ of facilities
  • Ventilation and recuperation

Participants of the workshop were International Burch University student and management representatives, a representative fom Architecture, Civil Engineering and Geodesy faculty in Banja Luka, representatives of high schools for the environment and wood design, representatives frm design companies and partner companies in Sarajevo and the Green Building Council.